March 28, 2010

Beach-hopping in Mumbai

Juhu, Versova, Madh ... 3 of Mumbai's most famous beaches.
Geographically so close, yet so far by torturously circuitous road routes.
The setting sun's rays gild a spectacular path to Juhu beach, while people on the tip of Versova beach indulge in a game of beach football. Maybe Madh Island in the background is the goal?


  1. Glad to see that you posted something here again...This is the next best thing to the "Come to India!" India Travel Bureau!

  2. You do say the nicest things, Lisa! :)
    Thanks, and I'm going to try and post more often here. Fingers crossed!

  3. Sunset at the beach is so magical.

  4. Am coming to see Juhu for myself - soon - in March! That is after doing The Golden Triangle.

  5. And I've done it again ... left a comment unanswered for far too long. Sorry, Trudi.
    You're so right. Sunsets on the beach have this serene, tranquil magic about them, don't they?

    Keats! How lovely! How long are you going to be here?