August 17, 2009

Mumbai : Temple on a pavement

Where else but in Mumbai would you see a temple on the pavement of a busy road and the faithful lining up for prayers in the middle of screeching traffic which weaves around them as they stand oblivious to everything else !

I saw this tiny, very colourful temple as I was driving by the other day and was fascinated by the numerous statues of deities on its roof .

From a board which I read later in a photo, I found out that this temple is called the Mariamman Temple.

I spent a long time staring at the work on the roof and kept finding new things that delighted me. Like that peacock and the duck on the arch . And isn't it just such a vibrant explosion of colour?

August 5, 2009

Varkala : Street Art

The unsung artist finds expression on a wall along narrow Varkala roads. Unknown, but definitely not unappreciated!
The unexpected blaze of colour burns through the predominant green of foliage and white of white-washed houses.
Blue sings the hue of Krishna ... or is that Ram with his brother Lakshman?
As lovingly detailed as its surroundings are crudely unfinished ... did the artist's soul find this blank canvas irresistible and take it on himself to fill this void ?

August 3, 2009

Kovalam : A time to muse

Sunset on Kovalam beach.
As the sun slips through a rosy haze, fishing boats sleepily watch from their soft beach beds. All covered up with braided palm-leaf blankets , tucked in and safe for the night.
The sun-worshippers have rolled up their mats and gone home.
The waves hush their crashing roar and a cool breeze steals in .
It's a time to pause and muse awhile. A time to feel at one with the universe.

August 2, 2009

Goa : Awaiting the Monsoon

Driving down country roads in Goa...
No beaches to distract me, only miles and miles of green. Paddy fields fringed with coconut palms, lie waiting for the touch of the monsoon . Quaint, white-washed homes wink by in a flash but stay imprinted in my memory.