August 5, 2009

Varkala : Street Art

The unsung artist finds expression on a wall along narrow Varkala roads. Unknown, but definitely not unappreciated!
The unexpected blaze of colour burns through the predominant green of foliage and white of white-washed houses.
Blue sings the hue of Krishna ... or is that Ram with his brother Lakshman?
As lovingly detailed as its surroundings are crudely unfinished ... did the artist's soul find this blank canvas irresistible and take it on himself to fill this void ?


  1. Love to see India through your eyes. It will be such a treat. The lovely fresco, unexpected and therfore so special and so well done.

  2. It was a real surprise for me. We had driven down to Varkala on our way to Trivandrum and I didn't really expect to see anything much except a sleepy little town. But this was a real revelation.