August 3, 2009

Kovalam : A time to muse

Sunset on Kovalam beach.
As the sun slips through a rosy haze, fishing boats sleepily watch from their soft beach beds. All covered up with braided palm-leaf blankets , tucked in and safe for the night.
The sun-worshippers have rolled up their mats and gone home.
The waves hush their crashing roar and a cool breeze steals in .
It's a time to pause and muse awhile. A time to feel at one with the universe.


  1. A wonderful peaceful setting. How nicely and careful are the boats tucked up for the night. I like that.

  2. Mmm... its an incredibly caring gesture, don't you think? Obviously those boats are used to roughing it out but those palm-leaf covers make such a statement about how their owners feel about them.

  3. Yes, it is indeed, Kirigalpoththa. Well worth a trip just to see the sunset here.

  4. Went to Kovalam last year, and it was so beautiful, got to stay at the Leela- super awesome!

    The bummer- Went on a 'brain storming workshop' and was stuck inside the conference hall the whole of my 2 day stay :(:(

  5. Uh-oh! It sounds like you owe yourself another trip to Kovalam.
    Imagine being forced to be stuck indoors with all that natural beauty waiting for you outside!
    Did you get to go on a catamaran ride? It's fantastic!

  6. A nice place.
    Had been there once but the sea was very rough.

  7. Yes, the sea can get quite rough at times at Kovalam. Luckily when we went there in summer, it was quite placid.